Chino Valley Independent Fire District

Report Created: 1/29/2020

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The Chino Valley Independent Fire District is authorized by LAFCO to provide the following function: fire protection and emergency medical response. The district operates with one governmental fund and reports no business-type funds. The audits do not identify any debt. The district serves the City of Chino, the City of Chino Hills and surrounding unincorporated areas. The district formed in 1990 and its receipt of the one percent general levy property tax comes from three sources (1) property tax revenues previously distributed to the former Chino Rural Fire Protection District, (2) certain revenues which were formerly distributed by the Board of Supervisors through the Special Districts Augmentation Fund, and (3) certain revenues identified through a formula that is annually transferred from the City of Chino. The agency retirement plan is administered by CalPERS. Additional information on the District can be accessed via the link below.

Agency Information (map, contact information, fiscal indicators)