City of Hesperia

Report Created: 1/22/2018

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The City of Hesperia actively provides the full range of municipal services except for law enforcement, fire protection, retail water, and wastewater collection and treatment. The City has chosen to contract with the County for law enforcement services. The Hesperia Fire Protection District and Hesperia Water District (retail water and wastewater collection) are subsidiary districts of the City, the city council is the ex-officio board of directors of the districts (links below). The City operates with governmental funds and reports two major business-type funds: water operations and sewer operations. Redevelopment activities have been removed for all years to normalize for the dissolution of redevelopment agencies effective February 1, 2012. The agency retirement plan is administered by CalPERS. Additional information on the City can be accessed via the link below.

Agency Information (map, contact information, fiscal indicators, SCAG profile) under construction
Hesperia Fire Protection District
Hesperia Water District