San Bernardino County Fire Protection District - Service Zone PM-4 (Crest Forest)

Report Created: 1/22/2018

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San Bernardino County Fire Protection District (County Fire) Service Zone PM-4 (Crest Forest) special tax was approved by the voters on May 21, 1991, and imposed by the former Crest Forest Fire Protection District Board of Directors in May 1992 as Service Zone PM-A. Effective July 1, 2015, the Crest Forest Fire Protection District is dissolved. The reorganization included: Dissolution of the Crest Forest Fire Protection District and its Service Zone PM-A, Annexation to County Fire, its Mountain Service Zone, and Service Zone PM-1 and Formation of Fire Service Zone PM-4. County Fire reorganized in July 2008 and created the Mountain Regional Service Zone. The Mountain Regional Service Zone is a component unit of County Fire, in which the County Board of Supervisors is the board of directors of the district. Within the Mountain Regional Service Zone, Service Zone PM-4 provides supplemental funding to support paramedic services to the communities in and around Crestline and is funded by a voter approved per parcel tax of $24.50 (Undeveloped Parcel), $39.50 (Individual Dwelling Unit) and $45.00 (Commercial Unit). This special tax does not include an inflation factor or cost of living increase. Services are provided through Fire Stations #25 and #26. Data for 2012 is not available as there was a change in interpretation of reporting standards which returned in 2013. Additional information on the District can be accessed via the link below.

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