County Service Area 70 Zone EV-1 (East Valley)

Report Created: 1/29/2020

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County Service Area 70 Zone EV-1 is governed by the County Board of Supervisors. The zone has no direct employees, it operates with personnel and supplies provided by County Service Area 70. The powers extended to CSA 70 EV-1 included water, sewer, park and parkway, streetlighting, and drainage control. The zone is responsible for the maintenance of the Alabama Street storm drain in the unincorporated Redlands Citrus Plaza area as well as streetlights. Funding for this zone’s operation is generated through a developer buy-in charge, which was received in FY 2008-09. Community Facilities District 2010-1 was formed in 2010 to provide an ongoing funding mechanism for the streetlight energy charges of 149 streetlights. The rate and method of apportionment sets a special tax for each parcel to pay for the streetlighting energy charges. There are currently 50 parcels billed for this special tax. The zone does not receive general levy property tax revenue, therefore assessed value data is not compiled by the County.