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ANNOUNCEMENT: Anyone present at the hearing who is involved with any of the changes of organization to be considered and who has made a contribution of more than $250 in the past twelve (12) months to any member of the Commission will be asked to state for the record the Commission member to whom the contribution has been made and the matter of consideration with which they are involved.

Consent Items:

The following consent items are expected to be routine and non-controversial and will be acted upon by the Commission at one time without discussion, unless a request has been received prior to the hearing to discuss the matter.

1. Approval of Minutes for Regular Meeting of July 16, 2014

2. Approval of Executive Officer's Expense Report

3. Ratify Payments as Reconciled for Months of July and August 2014 and Note Cash Receipts

4. Approval of Contract with Rosenow Spevacek Group (RSG) for Financial Study for Potential Incorporation of Rim of the World Communities

5. Review and Approve Request to County Auditor-Controller/Treasurer/Tax Collector to collect Outstanding City and/or District Apportionment Amounts from First Proceeds of Tax Revenues for Fiscal Year 2014-15

6. Ratification of Platinum Sponsorship for the CALAFCO Conference by San Bernardino LAFCO

7. TO BE CONTINUED TO OCTOBER 22, 2014 HEARING: Review and Consideration of Amendment to LAFCO Conflict of Interest Code

Public Hearing Items:

8. Consent Items Deferred for Discussion

9. CONTINUED FROM JULY 16, 2014 HEARING; TO BE CONTINUED TO OCTOBER 22, 2014 HEARING:  Consideration of:  (1) CEQA Statutory Exemption for LAFCO 3180; and (2) LAFCO 3180 – Reorganization to Include Annexations to County Service Area 54, Detachment from County Service Area SL-1 and Dissolution of County Service Area 73 and Zone A of County Service Area 53 (Streetlight Reorganization for the Mountain Region)

10. Presentation of SanBAG Study for Habitat Conservation Framework for San Bernardino County by Stephanie Sandifer, Project Manager, Dudek and Consideration of Continuation of Service Review for Habitat Preservation Services within the Valley Region

11. Consideration of:  (1) Adoption of Mitigated Negative Declaration and (2) LAFCO 3157 – Sphere of Influence Establishment for County Service Area 120 (Habitat Preservation and Historical Resources -- North Etiwanda)

Discussion Items:

12.   TO BE CONTINUED TO OCTOBER 22, 2014 HEARING: Consideration of Annual Review of Policy and Procedure Manual

     a.    Update Section 3 Human Resources Personnel Policies and Procedures and LAFCO Benefit Plan – Add Policy 302 Vacation, Section E Prior Service Credit;   Amend Policy 202 for Compensation; and Amend Benefit Plan Section 1 Item C

     b.    Update Section 4 Application/Project Processing – Add Policy 14 -- Campaign Disclosure Policy and Amend Policy 13 -- Disadvantaged Unincorporated   Community Annexation Policy

     c.    Update Section 6 Special District Representation Policies and Procedures –Amend Exhibit A Listing to reflect statutory changes

     d.    Update Section 7 Forms – Amend Application Submission Checklist, Amend Landowner and Registered Voter Protest Forms, and Add Campaign Disclosure Form

Information Items:

13.  Legislative Update Report

14. Executive Officer's Report

15. Commissioner Comments
(This is an opportunity for Commissioners to comment on issues not listed on the agenda, provided that the subject matter is within the jurisdiction of the Commission and that no action may be taken on off-agenda items unless authorized by law.)

16. Comments from the Public
(By Commission policy, the public comment period is limited to five minutes per person for comments related to items under the jurisdiction of LAFCO.)